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David Lee Brewer - Complete Paternal Line

The genetic line between David L. Brewer and John Brewer (m: Patience Sibley) has been verified through DNA tests submitted to Family Tree DNA on May 28, 2021, when Cathy Jean Brewer (FTDNA Test # 500336 (of an immediate male Brewer relative)) and David Lee Brewer (FTDNA Test # B667077) were determined to be a match.  Both were in haplogroup "R-FTA10684" and separated by a genetic distance of 1 step.  A review of their ancestry indicates both descend from this John Brewer (m. Patience Sibley).  Specifically, John Brewer's (m: Patience Sibley) son, John B. Brewer (sometimes referred to as John A.L. Brewer (which appears to actually be a conflagration of other similar family names at the time, more specifically, "Adolphus Lanier" could be the basis of the misappropriation of the initials "A.L." to John B. Brewer).

The male paternal line has been positively confirmed no further - by genetic testing or genealogical research.  A tree showing the relationship between Cathy and David Brewer is attached.

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