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1918 Pike County, MS - Soil Survey

Updated: Jan 1, 2023

I recently found this interesting document, a soil survey of Pike County, MS from 1918. It points out:

- that the area now known as Pike County was first occupied by the Natchez, Chickasaw and Choctaw Indians;

- The first pioneer settled about 7 miles North of Holmesville in 1799;

- What is now Walthall County, MS, was actually the eastern half of Pike County until 1914;

- In 1910, Magnolia, Summit and McComb had populations of 1823, 1471 and 6237, respectively;

- Average rainfall in 1918 was 60.6 inches/yr (Now the average is 63 inches/yr);

- Average temperature for Pike in 1918 was 66.5 degrees (It is now 65.18);

- Most of the soil in Pike County is of the "Ruston Fine Sandy Loam" variety; and,

- The cost of an acre of land ranged from $15 to $40.

An there is an abundance of information on occupations, lifestyle, etc., from that time. It's very interesting reading.

Download PDF • 10.37MB

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